Optical Fiber Identifier,Fiber Optic Identifier

Optical Fiber Identifier

The optical fiber optic identifier is one button operation and simple to use, but it is powerful and flexible, it has many different accessories to fit different kinds of cable diameters commonly used. The fiber optic identifier can detect the optical cable types without disturbing or stop the cable work.

Fiber optic identifier,FI-06, the fiber optic identifier is useful tool used in fiber optic maintenance works, it can isolate a single mode or multimode cable without stop or disturb the cables’ working condition, it can perform the detection work at any position of the cables.

Our standard fiber optic identifier could identify wide wavelength range cables from 800nm to 1700nm, it is with LED indication lights, the fiber optic identifier is very simple to use and one button operation, they are with changeable caps to fit bare fiber cable, 2mm outer diameter cables or 3mm outer diameter optical fiber cables.

Fiber Optic Identifier

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