GYTA Fiber Optic Cable,Optical Fiber Cable GYTA

GYTA Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable (GYTA) products, buy Fiber optic cable,New design Outdoor optical fiber cable - Outdoor optical fiber cable manufacturer in China, also offer GYTA optical fiber cable OEM Service.Fiber optic cable GYTA, 2~144 fibers, central strength member (steel), jelly filled, fiber contained loose tube and PP filler (if necessary) stranded, water blocking jelly, longitudinally covered by copolymer aluminum tape, PE outer sheath. G652D SM fiber, detailed specification on your request.

Fiber Optic Cable GYTA Features:
Low dispersion and attenuation
Proper design, precise control for fiber excess length and distinct stranding process render the cable excellent mechanical and environmental properties
Aluminum-PE jacket make cable have nice properties of moisture resistance
With small cable diameter, light cable weight, easily to lay
The jacket also can be made of HFFR, which cable model is GYTZA
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60 C

Fiber Optic Cable GYTA Applications:
Laying modes: Aerial & Conduit
Long-distance communication, local trunk line, CATV & computer networks system

Cables GYTA Fiber Optic Cable,Optical Fiber Cable GYTA

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