Fixed rack mounted fiber optic patch panel

 Fixed Rack mounted fiber optic patch panel

The fixed fiber optic patch panel is a 19" rack mountable patch panel for connecting up to 24 optical fibers. Suitable for use with manufactured pigtails or field installable connectors. The installation size is adapted by using appropriate mounting brackets, while the chassis will not be changed.

The fixed fiber optic patch panel features
Compact design for 1U 19’ rack mounting
Cost effective non-pull out system for budgetary applications
Manages small & large quantities of fiber with a high packing density
Cable glands to secure the incoming fiber, allows min movement
Fiber guide tubes to protect and direct the fibers to the cassettes in a professional way
Easy to maintain and extend
Minimum bend radius of fibres and strain relief for all entry cables
Fiber bend radius control - > 40mm
Capacity of up to 48 ports
All known connector types such as SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC, MU etc. are possible.


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