Optical Fiber Ranger,Fiber Optic Ranger

fiber optic ranger

Optical fiber ranger can test cable upto 60km, it is used to detect the fault points of the optica cable, fast and accurate, simple to use and one button operation.The optical fiber ranger is with automatic pulse width control design to ensure a convenient operation. cost effective and portable, it suit for indoor or field fiber optic works.

Optical fiber ranger is test equipment that functions similar to an optical time domain reflectometer. It is used in single mode fiber test applications. The fiber optic ranger is much smaller size and lighter weight compared to the fiber optic OTDR, and it is much more cost effective. They are used in optical fiber links troubleshooting, maintenance and test.

During its working process, the fiber optic ranger will injects the laser pulse into the optical fiber to check and collect the reflected light waves. Although the optical fiber ranger does not either display the trace of the fiber or give any information about the fiber and event losses, it can identify types and locations of both bases on a set of pre-determined threshold values and goes throughout the entire length of the fiber under test. Lotuscope.com optical ranger features the low price, easy to use and portable design.

Optical Fiber Ranger Main Features
Portable, rugged, light weight; easy to use.
More accurate testing result and better repeatability.
Up to 8 fiber faults can be detected in each measurement
Automatic Pulse Width Control design to ensure a convenient operation.
Easy to identify the faults location
Built-in visual fault locator (VFL), conveniently to find the faults in dead zone.
Dust, water and shock proof, designed for field use
Long battery life, up to 5000 measurements operation.

Fiber Optical Ranger Applications
Testing the distance of the fiber and identify the faults location in the fiber link.
Locates reflective and non-reflective breaks in the fiber network.
Inspection of fiber repair and maintenance.

Optical Fiber Ranger

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