Fiber Optic Test Equipment

fiber optic test equipment

Our fiber optic test equipment department was founded in the early 2000s, we develop and manufacture the fiber optic power meters, fiber optic light sources, fiber optic identifier, fiber optic fault locator and fiber optic multimeters.

Our fiber optic test equipment are known for the portability, stablility, safe and easy to use and strict quality control standards.The fiber optic test equipment help enterprises and communication companies with optical fiber cabling, installation and maintenance, these wonderful tools are industrial first class quality with very good prices.


fiber optic power meterFiber Optic Power Meter
Fiber optic power meter, PM-3208A, PM-3208C,optical fiber power meter, PON Optical Power Meter,fiber optic power meters are common test equipment used in fiber optic communications, our products are accurate and durable, portable and easy to operate, most of the models are hand held fiber power meters.
fiber optic light sourceFiber Optic Light Source
Fiber optic light source, LS-109, the fiber optic light source usually is used with the power meters for testing the optical fiber equipment. Our typical fiber optic light source provide 4 wavelength optional in the 650nm and 1300/1310/1550/850nm, they are suitable for single mode or multimode use.
Fiber Optic MultimeterFiber Optic Multimeter
The fiber optic multimeter is a powerful tool that combine the function of the optical fiber power meter and fiber optic light source, the switching of function is via control menu, it can be set the parameters, powerful and effective.
optical fiber rangerOptical Fiber Ranger
Optical fiber ranger can test cable upto 60km, it is used to detect the fault points of the optica cable, fast and accurate, simple to use and one button operation.The optical fiber ranger is with automatic pulse width control design to ensure a convenient operation. cost effective and portable, it suit for indoor or field fiber optic works.
fiber optic identifierOptical Fiber Identifier
The optical fiber optic identifier is one button operation and simple to use, but it is powerful and flexible, it has many different accessories to fit different kinds of cable diameters commonly used. The fiber optic identifier can detect the optical cable types without disturbing or stop the cable work.
fiber optic fault locatorFiber Optic Fault Locator
Fiber optic fault locator, Visual Fault Locator FL-105P,fiber optic fault locator is a small tool used to locate the fiber fault point and connector inspection, the visual fiber fault locator is with long lifetime and a universal 2.5mm adapter that could fit different kinds of connectors.

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