Fiber Optic Adapters,Fiber Optic Adapter

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Fiber optic adapters are mating devices used to link the connectors and fiber patch cords, adapters are commonly seen on patch panels and optical distribution units, we have the fiber optic adapters that are with flange to mount on the equipment, and we supply the no-flange fiber optic adapters too.

Lotuscope fiber optic adapters are female to male types and male to female types, different assortment including SC,FC,ST,LC,E2000,MU, there are single mode adapter and multimode adapters available, we also have hybrid fiber optic adapters to match different kinds of fiber optic connectors,all of our fiber optic adapters use ceramic sleeves to ensure the high standard performance.

We keep commonly used fiber optic adapters in stock and the delivery is fast, we make the fiber adapters strictly according to industry practice and we make sure they are compatible to use with most of the equipment in the market.

E2000 Fiber Optic AdatperE2000 Fiber Optic Adatper
We supply the E2000 fiber optic adapters, including the single mode and multimode types, there are UPC and APC adapters available. These E2000 fiber adapters are with zirconia sleeves and in simplex style. E2000 is a trademark of Diamond company.
SC Fiber Optic AdapterSC Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply SC fiber optic adapters; these products are various types including single mode and multimode, zirconia sleeve and bronze sleeve, simplex and duplex versions. Standard female to female SC fiber optic adapter and hybrid SC fiber optic adapters are available.
FC Fiber Optic AdapterFC Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply FC fiber optic adapters, including square type, single D type and double D types, in single mode and multimode versions. All these adapters are with metal housing and ceramic sleeves, for multimode FC fiber adapter there is optional bronze housing types.
ST Fiber Optic AdapterST Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply the ST fiber optic adapters, including the single mode and multimode types. These ST fiber adapters are simplex style, most are with zirconia sleeves, optional bronze sleeve adapters are available for multimode.
LC Fiber Optic AdapterLC Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply LC fiber optic adapters, including simplex, duplex and quad types; these LC adapters are single mode and multimode styles with plastic housing and zirconia sleeve, with optional bronze sleeve adapters for multimode. There are stand LC fiber adapter and SC footprint LC fiber optic adapters available.
MU Fiber Optic AdapterMU Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply MU fiber optic adapters, including the simplex and duplex types, single mode and multimode styles. These MU fiber adapters are UPC (for SMF and MMF) and APC types (for SMF), most of them are with zirconia sleeves, optional bronze sleeve MU adapters are for multimode.

Fiber Optic Adapters

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